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A challenge on the most iconic Valtellina mountain, Mortirolo, with an exceptional italian athlete: Vincenzo "The shark" Nibali.

Short route

An easy, not competitive path, suitable for those who are not used to train a lot with their bike, open also for E-bikes.

Percorso classico

100 Km through woods, climb and the iconic Mortirolo; we'll climb on the path of Giro d'Italia U23, on the easiest side of Mortirolo (from Grosio), where the road runs in a breathtaking scenery of green and mountains.

Aprica and Valtellina magic

Aprica welcomes you: all the ski runs that during winter are skiers dream leave space to summer sights between woods, lakes and massive mountains. As during winter, also in summer Valtellina is a pace of peace, light, beauty and sport.

Enjoy excellence

Valtellina is a ragion willing to show you all its food excellence, from cheese "sciatt" to famous "pizzoccheri" pasta, to the world-known "bresaola": a taste parade, enjoy with our fantastic local wines!